#2 – Innovation In Female Fitness – Missfits Nutrition


Missfits Nutrition

Missfits Nutrition is a company, primarily designed for women, offering perfectly portioned protein sachets with added essential nutrients, to make every sweat count. This protein is named The Multitasker, and provides your body with the nutrition it needs to replenish and develop, with an added vitamin and mineral blend to leave you feeling and looking your best.

I speak to the Founders Henry Sether and Tara Adlestone, who give an insight into how MissFits Nutrition came about, as well as how important it is for women to adapt their thinking towards exercise, protein and common misconceptions of health and nutrition.

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What this episode has in store for you

‘We wanted to find a brand of protein that women can identify with without being afraid of, so we thought let’s come up with something that’s empowering and inspiring for a woman to be able to work out in a stronger, fitter and healthier way.’

‘The education pool is key for us – every girl has an existing perception of protein and we have to break those conceptions down to build them back up again in the right way’

‘Ultimately protein is protein, but the type of protein and portion size depend on what benefits you get, which means that each serving should be bespoke for you. Girls starve their body of the right stuff and fall victim to it all the time – They want to look a certain way and fit in, but they are in the wrong mind set.’

Tara: I looked at Henry and thought, you can have your protein after the gym without questioning it, but, why can’t I?  There seems to be nothing for me as a woman – I was afraid it would make me look like Henry (he’s a BIG guy!). It is important to educate every single girl up and down the country and across the world, not just about protein post-workout but also about the amount of protein macronutrients they need, which will help them on their way to achieve their body goals.’

‘We are big believers in strong not skinny, and when you’re working out you have to get the nutrients right. For the last 10-12 years, protein has been tailored to the 100kg guy. Weight training is amazing, but girls are still worried that by lifting weights they will get bulky, which is why we are bringing it back to the bare necessities of what you really need. The Multitasker is good quality, fast-digesting protein’