#11 - Driving Forces in Human Performance - Tom Dawson-Squibb


Tom has a masters in Organisational Psychology from University of Cape Town as well as a diploma in corporate coaching. 

In 2010 Tom started Headstart Sport – a business aimed to drive performance in the world of sport through shifting mindsets and behaviours. This has led him to working across 18 different sports at all various levels. Notable clients have included working with The Sharks and the Stormers/WP, as well as with UCT in the Varsity Cup and the Women’s Springbok rugby side. He worked with Ajax Cape Town in the PSL and was non-playing captain for the SA Ladies golf team at the world championships in 2014 having worked with them for two years prior to that.

He believes wholeheartedly in the power of understanding yourself, but more so that every person has the right to enjoy what they do and to be successful through using their unique strengths. 

What this episode has for you:

·      Driving forces in human performance

1.   Knowledge + Action = Power

2.  A Greater Cause Catalyses

3.   Getting Fit For Change

·      The Four P’s

1.   Purpose

2.  Principles

3.  Particulars

4. People

·      Other factors in personal and organisational success.

·      The importance of effective leadership.

·      Tom’s advice for the any lost individuals in their 20’s.

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