#13 - The Harmony Foundation Protects Girls Dignity - Dawn Gottgens, Co-Founder

Harmony’s sole purpose is to ensure that schoolgirls between the ages of 12 -18 across South Africa have access to free feminine hygiene products on a monthly basis.

The Harmony Foundation improves knowledge, comfort and security, ensuring there’s a sustainable supply of feminine hygiene products for those that need them. The Trailblazers Club will do as much as we can to make a significant impact on these young women’s lives and reduce the difficulties and hardships they face through this very simple intervention.

Just so you are aware of some of the social implications of this issue.

2.1 million young girls, between the ages of 12 and 18 who are living below the poverty line in South Africa, have to resort to using old clothes, rags and newspapers because they cannot afford sanitary towels. Girls who cannot afford pads or tampons miss approximately five days of school a month – that’s 60 missed school days a year. And that is 20% of their education gone.

The Trailblazers club is aiming to raise £40,000 which will impact over 4000 young girls for an entire year.

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I hope you enjoy this episode team.  It will really open your eyes to a world many of us wouldn’t think about.  Living in London my entire life I take for granted so many things.  I just hope we can raise as much money as possible. 

Follow the Trailblazers Club on Instagram @thetrailblazersclub17 to follow our training and charitable campaign over the next 8/10 months.

What this episode has in store for you:

  • Dawn's background and what drove her to create Harmony.
  • What Harmony does as a charitable organisation.
  • Harmony's goals and visions.
  • Mind blowing statistics of where donations go.
  • Harmony's amazing growth as a charity.
  • The Trailblazers Club connection with Harmony
  • What the Trailblazers 2018 Challenge is. (Correct distance in Introduction)
  • Harmony's growth plans for the next 12-18 months.

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