#14 - Revolutionising the Future of Ownership - Chaz Englander, Co-founder & CEO of Fat Lama

This is the first episode of our 'Worldwide Entrepreneur' season.

On this episode The Inspiration Space talks to Charles (Chaz) Englander who is Co-founder and CEO of Fat Lama.

Fat Lama is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace which allows people to rent spare items to others nearby, fully insured. The platform provides a cheaper and more efficient solution than buying outright or hiring from rental shops. At the same time, it allows others to monetise their rarely-used possessions.


This is a special episode as Chaz is one of my closest friends.  Chaz is a very smart and charismatic young man with a very acute entrepreneurial eye.  This episode was great fun to record but it's also a very insightful account of a young entrepreneur's journey.

What this episode has in store for you:

  • Chaz's background - A bit of a teacher's pet at school all that jazz... (spoof)
  • What lead to the creation of Fat Lama.
  • The current market place for peer to peer lending and how Fat Lama has fit in so succesfully.
  • Where Chaz's entrepreneurial drive came from.
  • What experience as a child made him so mentally tough.
  • As a young CEO Chaz tells us how he motivates his team.
  • The importance of a 'start up' or 'scrappy' mentality, when starting a business.
  • Chaz's daily routines.
  • Chaz's advice for somebody in their 20's / 30's who is lacking a direction.

Episode Sponsor:

Fat Lama is the fastest-growing rental marketplace for 'stuff' in the world. It's a website and app which allows people to rent out their belongings to others nearby, fully-insured, for cash. Fat Lama users are renting anything from film gear, projectors and PA systems to road bikes and campervans! The platform is available throughout the UK and US and users are earning up to £3,700 per month.

I have been using Fat Lama recently to rent out my podcast recording equipment and will undoubtable earn my initial investment back on the items in no time at all. I guarantee you all have considerable amounts of ‘stuff’ lying around your house that is rarely or never used that could be rented to others for money.  Get it onto Fat Lama… for me it’s an absolute no brainer. 

On the other side of the coin… how often have you needed something for a brief period of time and haven’t purchased the item from a retailers due to the cost not warranting it?  Well Fat Lama provides the solution.  

If you type in fatlama.com/r/theinspirationspace and sign up you will get £25 off your first rental.

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