#43 - The Subtle Art of Winging It - Rob Eades, The Lean Student Chef

Ladies and gents. Thoroughly enjoyed recording this episode with Rob Eades - AKA the Lean Student Chef. I can’t wait for you to hear it.

Rob Eadews.jpeg

Before we get started… It is exciting times for The Inspiration Space. On December the 15th I will be recording a live podcast with 3 epic individuals at F45 Oxford Circus. The theme of the conversations will be based around what we have learned in 2018, what went our way and what didn’t go our way, and how we plan on improving as individuals going into 2019.

It will be a fun, lighthearted and informative evening and before you ask - yes the odd Aperol Spritz or Prosecco will be available for consumption. To get your ticket hit the link in my instagram Bio or in the show notes on my website.

So a little bit on Monsieur Eades. I first met Rob a while back and instantly was hit by his abundant energy. I didn’t know at the time what his background was and what world he was operating in, that was soon to change. I quickly found out that Rob is an actor and instagram sensation, operating under the handle of The Lean Student Chef. Since I met him last April his following has gone from strength to strength.

Rob is one of those people whose exuberance lights up a room and I think he will become a bigger and bigger star over the next few years. He is in his early 20s yet has a wise head on him for someone of his age and is doing some great things.

I am extremely eager to make Rob a regular feature on the show in the coming months as I feel we are on the same page in many ways of thinking.

What this episode has in store for you rascals:

  • What lead Rob from a route to investment banking to becoming an actor.

  • What Rob learnt at Drama School - He instantly stopped caring what people thought.

  • Rob’s experiences of doing stand up comedy.

  • The connection between the fitness and theatrical industry.

  • The importance of energy and atmosphere in whatever you do or wherever you do.

  • How the Lean Student Chef developed faaaast!

  • Rob’s initial cooking experience. A hysterical story yet extremely insightful on how you need to sometimes approach life.

  • The ‘Fake it Till you Make it’ mentality. It doesn’t matter what level you are at… having this attitude towards everything is such a fantastic way to live your life.

  • Rob tells us his party trick! LAD.

  • What Rob is planning over the next 12-18 months.

  • What fundamentals does Rob use to always fall back on in order to get his head straight.

  • Rob’s piece of life advice for someone looking to get that zip back in their life.

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Enjoy this episode squad. It’s a laugh a minute.