#45 - Building a Community to End Human Trafficking - TRIBE Co-founder, Guy Hacking

In 2013, a trio of three men ran 39 marathons in 30 days — raising close to $300,000 (£241,000) for a charity aiming to bring an end to child trafficking. The epic journey took them from Ukraine to Croatia, taking in nine countries in Eastern Europe along the way. Roughly 250 people joined them at various stages of the journey but Martineau, Hacking, and Stancliffe were the only ones to complete the whole run.


During the 1,000 mile (1,600km) run — known as Run for Love — the ex-corporates noticed that many runners, including themselves, were consuming vast quantities of synthetic supplements. And they weren't always going down well.

So what started as a life changing run for an unbelievable cause turned into a fully fledged business. A business that provides 100% natural performance nutrition on a large scale. The three Co-founders Guy, Rob and Tom all left corporate jobs to chase what they felt was important and their story is truly inspiring.


TRIBE is a business that has a mission to fight modern slavery and end human trafficking. And that vision has been driving the business since it’s inception. The community they have built is exceptional and they just carry on giving…. In the summer of 2017, 250+ runners took part in TRIBE Run for Love II. The aim was to run and ride across Europe, from Sarajevo to London, in just 14 days. 2,000 brutal km. 6 days running – 35 miles every day. 8 days biking – up to 136 miles every day. Sheer mountain passes in the Austrian Alps. 50+ degree heat. Unimaginable pain. Pushing the limits of human endurance. The Run for Love Team fundraised over £95,000 for the TRIBE Freedom Foundation. On the 1st January 2018, the Prime Minister awarded the Run for Love Team a “Points of Light” award in acknowledgment of their inspiring work, coordinating and completing Run for Love II.

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