#49 - My Darkest Day and the Build Up to My 50th Episode


This is my 49th podcast episode and ahead of my 50th episode I just wanted to say big overall thank you!!

I want to thank a lot of people here quickly.  Firstly Justin Parker,  my psychotherapist, who I saw regularly during the darkest year of my life. He is the person that encouraged me to start my own podcast after I went to him with an idea to start one for somebody else…. He gave me the confidence to back myself and trust my own abilities.


I want to thank everyone who has come on the show… I’ve met some honestly incredible people who have helped me develop myself and understand the world better.   In the early days I was simply reaching out with absolutely zero credibility and I thank those indivduals in the earlier episodes for coming on the show and giving me a foundation to build on.  Probably Jamie Sparks gets the biggest mention for letting me record 3 episodes with him, I deleted the first two by accident.

The beauty of the podcast is that it has lead me into some fantastic opportunities.  It has become a platform now to really help and educate people on the fact that they can really have the life that they want…. If they want it.

However the people that I most want to thank and also another reason for the timing on this episode are my family.  I had a moment when I was 24 when I quite literally was out on my feet.  Not because I was doing great things but because I was hugely depressed with the state of my life. I have mentioned this period before on the show but just to paint a more real picture for the first time.  Our society places a huge strain.  I felt it, and I know a lot of people do, in my early 20’s.  I felt that I was letting myself and everyone around me down.  I had flunked uni because I had been a selfish and lazy twat and I thought I’d ruined my chance of a prosperous and exciting career.  I came back one day from a job that I just wasn’t satisfied with… I had been mentally beating myself up for so long that it actually got to the point that I couldn’t physically speak.  If you know me at all that is not something that ever happens.  I sat on the couch and broke down but just couldn’t utter a single word.  My parents sat with me and they just were incredible. Look I’m not saying I had a terrible life at that point, I certainly didn’t, lots of things in my life at the time I was extremely fortunate to have.  However that is why I am talking about this openly now.  

Mental health is something that we must all be aware of.  You have absolutely NO IDEA what is going on through people’s heads.  I am so unbelievably fortunate to have such an incredible family, and friends, around me and there are some people going through similar battles without that foundation behind them. Boys and girls there is always a way out of that mindset.  You just have to find whatever it is that stimulates you out of that hole.  The first port of call is finding somebody to speak to.   I am not embarrassed to talk about my battles – so why the fuck should you?  Keeping that shit bottled up is toxic.  Get a grip and let your guard down.  

Therefore, and the point to this little rant, my 50th episode to be released next Sunday is with my father, Paul Elliott.  This man is my hero and biggest inspiration.  His career and the way that he has built my family is something that I actually neglected. All I actually had to do to get myself back together is look at him and replicate his mindset.  Having said all this… my mother is the reason he is where he is so she deserves a special mention too.  My sister, who is incredible aswell, and I base so many of our life decisions on their example.  

This episode is coming from another angle.  My father is 77 and his career, and all the stories that come along with it, are fucking incredible.  I haven’t been as excited as this to record an episode.  



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