#51 - 7 Things I've Learnt From 2018.... Was a Big One!!!

What a year. Plenty to work on in 2019. Plenty of things to improve on…. But overall 2018 has been the best, funnest and most chaotic I’ve ever had! The relationships i’ve built, the experiences I’ve had and hopefully the positive impact i’m having on others is something I am delighted about!!

Therefore I thought i’d release a short episode on 7 things I’ve learnt about myself in 2018 and what I’d like to improve on in 2019.

1.   You can work harder than you ever thought possible.

2.   It is important to keep life perspective and always remember the big picture.

3.   The no sleep / burning candles at both ends is a pile of shit.

4.   The importance of communication.

5.   Perfection is also a pile of shit.  And not claiming to be perfect can work in your favour.

6.   In moments on huge anxiety it often means a BIG decision has to be made.

7.   I stopped learning - The balance between consumption and action.