#16 - A Visionary in Business - Graham Smith-Bernal, Inventor and Founder of LiveNote and Opus 2

The third episode within our "Worldwide Entrepreneur" season is a special one.  On this episode I got the chance to speak to Graham Smith-Bernal who is the inventor and founder of both the LiveNote software and Opus 2. 


This was unlike any interview I have done to date as Graham was responsible for helping transform an industry I have very limited knowledge of.  Reading up about how Graham’s technologies have benefited the legal industry was something that I really really enjoyed doing.  Expanding my knowledge base is always something I look to do and this conversation certainly gave me an avenue to do so.

This interview was fascinating for a number of reasons.  Yes, getting the chance to learn about an area of business I hadn’t previously understood was fascinating. However for me it was Graham’s attitude towards business, and life, that stayed with me long after the interview.

Just a brief description of Graham’s business history.  Graham left school at the age of 16 and enrolled in a stenography course. Having this initial exposure to the courtroom was the foundation on which Graham went on to develop the LiveNote software in the early 1990’s, this was a software that was extremely innovative for it’s time.

Graham sold LiveNote in 2007 and had a few years retirement before coming back to introduce an even more disruptive platform that has made his previous courtroom technology obsolete. Incredible. Being able to have that vision for business is a gift so I strongly advise listening to what Graham has to say in this episode.

What this episode has in store for you:

  • Graham's early experiences that lead to him setting up Smith-Bernal International.
  • Where Graham's entrepreneurial spirit came from.
  • What the LiveNote software is and how it revolutionised the courtroom.
  • What the 'aha' moment was for Livenote.
  • How LiveNote played a key role in some of massive cases - The OJ Simpson trial, Hillsborough etc...
  • Graham talks us through selling LiveNote, a brief retirement and then coming back to inventing something better.
  • Graham explains what Opus 2 is.
  • Graham's advice for any entrepreneurs out there.

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