#18 - Coming Back From Rock Bottom - Tim Cooper, Lifestyle Coach and Mentor

A few months back I reached out over social media to see if anybody had a story they wanted to share on the show.  What came off the back of that is something that has only yielded more positivity and enjoyment in my life.  Tim Cooper who runs the Tim Cooper Academy with great success, is a lifestyle coach that has impacted many people’s lives for the better.  

This guy had never ever met me before and invited myself, and my social media team, into his apartment for this recording.  A great example of who he is as a person.  Open and honest with nothing to hide.  The story you are about to hear I had absolutely zero knowledge of beforehand.  It is one that absolutely every person I know should listen to because we have all made mistakes.  However have we honestly all learnt from them though? Have we honestly all gone out there and hunted for the lives we want to lead?  I highly doubt it.

Tim’s “7 steps to Success” are a method to finding that path we all deep down want to be living.  If that is not a reason to listen to this episode then listening to Tim’s dog Brian tearing around the room is.  Since this episode Tim and I speak pretty much once a week and I count him as a very good friend of mine  You will see why after listening to this episode.


What does this episode have in store for you?

  • Tim tells us his story that took him to some very dark places and what ultimately bought him onto the amazing path he’s on today.
  • School – University – Job – Retirement. Tim tells us how it can actually have a negative affect on people’s mind-sets.
  • Failure.  Tim addresses this topic in detail and how he get’s his clients to think about failure going forward.
  • Tim talks to us about the difference between the ‘Growth Mindset’ and the ‘Fixed Mindset”.
  • Tim talks us through his seven step strategy to creating greatness?
  • Tim tells us what he thinks makes the difference between people that succeed and people that don’t.
  • Tim talks us through the ‘Ultimate Success Map’.
  • Tim tells us his initial piece of advice for an individual in their 20’s and 30’s who is lost and does not have a direction.
  • What is next for Tim Cooper?  What is the next 12-18 months going to bring?

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