#17 - Building a Fitness Brand - Lawrence Hannah Founder of Metabolic London

On this episode I speak to Lawrence Hannah who is the founder of Metabollic London. As somebody who is opening a gym I really appreciated the chance to get to speak to Lawrence who has built his brand from the ground up.  His insight and no-nonsense approach to operating your own facility was very enjoyable to listen too.  Lawrence really loves what he does.  For anybody looking to take the plunge into their future career this episode is a really good one to listen to. 


What this episode has in store for you:

  • Lawrence tells us his background briefly and where his fitness roots came from.
  • Lawrence talks us through the concept of Metabolic and it's training methods.
  • What lead Lawrence to leave his job and take the steps needed to open up Metabolic.
  • How the UK is playing catch up with the US and the Southern Hemisphere in regard to fitness.
  • The future for Metabolic.
  • Lawrence's advice for an individual in their 20's and 30's who is looking for a direction or the next step in their life.

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