#20 - Anything is Possible - Lil Misty Diaz, World Champion Adaptive Athlete


Misty Diaz, aka Lil Misty, has always enjoyed pushing limits.

Being born with the most serious form of Spina Bifida in 1984, Misty was already fighting. Having multiple operations just three days after being born premature, things were definitely going to be different, she just didn't know things would be this great.

After a series of 28 operations, her body had become weak. She lost the will to push herself as she did in the early days. Misty knew something had to change, so one day she began to walk from her house to the next block. Then the next day the block after that. She kept a routine and never stopped. Her 5k walk, turned into a 5k run in early 2012 when she signed up for a Ronald McDonald 5K.

Since that day in 2012, Misty has finished over +90 races, ran 10 half marathons and broke two adaptive Athlete records for Spartan Racing, one of the toughest OCR courses in the United States.

I think the best term to describe her is that she absolutely fearless and I hope from listening to this episode it becomes infectious.  Do something today that you have wanted to do for ages.  Take a step towards it at least. 

From personal experience one factor that used to hold me back from doing what I wanted was what other people thought.  Listen to me here as I promise you that this is the truth.  People that try to undermine and be negative about what you are doing are, SADLY, the ones who are never EVER going to make an impact.  Instead of letting their limiting self beliefs enter your consciousness simply use it as fuel to succeed and feel sorry for them that they can’t live life with a growth mindset.  If we can’t dream and aspire to do something we want then there is simply no point in living. 

Have enthusiasm for life. There is absolutely no reason that people can’t throw themselves into something they love.  Misty has enthusiasm in abundance.  She has become a role model for the Spina Bifida community specifically, however everything she stands for means she is a role model for everyone in the world. 

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