#19 - Pain was Inevitable, Suffering was Optional - Laura Brown, GB Ironman and Head of Concepts at One10

Today we have on the show Laura Brown who is the Head of Concepts down at One10 which is a boutique cycle studio in Baker Street London.  I did a session after this podcast and it really was a brilliant experience so I strongly suggest going down for a session if you are in the area.  

Laura is also a very motivational individual with a great story of her own.  She went from never even wearing cleats on a bike before to, in the space of a few years, representing Great Britain in an Ironman at the European Championships.  That story alone was fantastic to hear but what was really fascinating to listen to was the mindset that Laura approached these challenges with. 


Learning from and embracing failure is something that every individual should have the ability to do.  It is those that don’t embrace it that fall at the first hurdle and never get to where they want to be.  On the back of this point, I strongly suggest reading a book called Mindset by Carol Dweck.  It really opens your mind to the benefit of obtaining a growth mindset.  A mindset where failure is treated as a necessity for becoming successful.

Laura’s story is a great one if you are thinking about challenging yourself so enjoy, she is also a laugh a minute!!

What this episode has in store for you:

  • What One10 is as a concept.
  • What makes One10 an amazing training experience for it's members.
  • Laura tells us the background story behind her fitness journey.
  • Laura talks us through her mindset when she was approaching her new fitness challenges. 
  • Laura talks us through how people should view failure when trying something new.
  • Laura gives her one piece of life advice to an individual in their 20's / 30's who is looking for a new direction in life.
  • Laura tells us what is next for her and One10.

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