#21 - 7 Marathons on 7 Continents in 7 days - Scott Coey and his Challenge of a Lifetime

This episode really speaks for itself.  Scott Coey, an Australian City banker living in London England, ran a marathon on every continent in the world in the space of only one week.  The first marathon was in the freezing climate of Antarctica and the last one was in the sunny setting of South Beach. Listen to this episode in full to hear what the full itinerary was for the week.  Having taken part in an ultra marathon before I have felt first hand what consecutive days of running can do to your body.  The added aspect of having to travel long distances is something I just cannot fathom.  Nonetheless Scott did it! Not only did he do it but he smashed it.  The mental strength to be able to do something like that is quite incredible. 

Scott was running for Breast Cancer Haven, a charity that is very close to his heart,  When I was speaking to Scott I could really see how important it was to him.  He stated that even though the week of marathons was tough it was only a small dose of what it is like to go through chemotherapy.  This was one of the driving factors that helped keep him going throughout the week.


What this episode has in store for you:

  • Scott talks us through his past involvement with Ironman's and what drove him onto this challenge of a lifetime.  
  • Scott talks us through the training and preparation for this challenge.  
  • Scott talks us through every single race. All the struggles, highs and curveballs that came his way.
  • Scott tells us what areas drove him to finish such a challenge.  
  • The travelling aspect of the challenge. Scott talks us through how his body managed to stay in tact after so many hours of travelling. 
  • Scott talks us through the different climates he ran in and the Impact that they had on his body.  
  • For every person that has ever finished a life changing challenge there is always the euphoric moment of finishing.  Scott talks us through his.
  • Scott talks to us about his chosen charity and why the campaign meant so much to him.
  • Scott gives us his life lessons that came off the back of the challenge he took on.
  • Scott talks to us about future challenges he is planning to take on in life.

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