#22 - The Importance of Gut Health - Richard Smith Bernal, Entrepreneur and Owner of The Juice Smith

In this episode I got to talk with Richard Smith Bernal, a young entrepreneur with huge aspirations in the health and wellness sector.  Richard founded the Juice Smith in the summer of 2013. He contracted severe gastritis after taking a workout supplement for training. After a long healing process he came across juicing to supplement a more healthy and balanced diet. Richard’s background in the health and fitness industry and cold pressed knowledge resulted in the founding of ‘The Juice Smith’.


The Juice Smith is the result of meticulous research into juicing and cleansing and they are excited to be part of a general movement towards health and wellbeing.  

As an organisation the Juice Smith is moving into some extremely exciting territories as a business. Nutrition in schools is an area that has needed some serious attention in recent years.  The issue of childhood obesity in the UK is something that has been an overwhelming problem.  Not educating children at a grassroots level on nutrition is arguably one of the leading factors in the epidemic.  The Juice Smith aims to do exactly that.  By working in schools the company educates and provides nourishing food to children and in the process betters there performance in everyday life. 

So what does this episode have in store for you?

  • Richard talks us through his personal experiences that lead to setting up The Juice Smith.
  • He reveals the concept behind The Juice Smith.
  • Richard talks us through how he contracted gastritis and how the theories behind The Juice Smith cured his predicament.
  • Richard explains why teaching nutrition at the grassroots level is so important.
  • He talks us through how The Juice Smith plans to expand as a brand over the next 12-18 months - specifically in the school sector.
  • As a young entrepreneur. Richard gives us his advice to somebody thinking about starting a business.

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