#23 - 1 T-shirt Sold 2 Lives Changed - Sam McCarthy, Founder of Ivywake

Welcome back to The Inspiration Space.  In this episode I interview Sam McCarthy who is the owner of Ivywake, a British sustainable clothing brand.  The idea of Ivywake started in 2013 when Sam was searching for sustainable clothing for a university project. After spending a day looking and not finding a single item of sustainable clothing that he would wear, he started researching how to start a sustainable clothing company. After two weeks he dropped out of university and began creating Ivywake. 


After three years of research & development, Ivywake was launched on the 28th May 2017.

Sam has partnered up with Innovation:Africa by giving 10% of each sale to the charity.  I will let him tell you all about what that has the potential to do for all involved during this episode. 


After this episode I invited Sam to come on board to be one of the future Co-hosts of The Inspiration Space.  He is a very switched on individual with a fantastic energy for life - my kind of person. This episode is a chance for you to all get to know him, he has a real vision and passion and I have huge respect for him because of it.


What this episode has in store for you:

  • Sam gives us a background on himself and talks us through the development of Ivywake.
  • Sam tells us why he chose sustainable clothing as a path for his business.
  • Ivywake's partnership with Innovation:Africa. 
  • Sam's '3 Peaks Challenge' and how the money raised will change people's lives.
  • Sam talks us through some life decisions he has made that have propelled his life and business forward.
  • Routines that Sam uses to help him remain focused.
  • The future for Ivywake and where the company can be found on all social channels.

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