#24 - 160,000 Followers in his First Year as an Online PT - James Smith, CEO of the James Smith Academy, Part Time PT and Full Time Loose Canon

James Smith over the past 18 months has taken the fitness industry by storm.  He has done so with a no nonsense, clear and clinical approach to fitness and nutrition.  James has gone from being a door to door salesman to headlining at BodyPower, one of the worlds biggest fitness exhibitions.  An absolutley massive achievement.    In his first year as an online PT he gained along the lines of 160,000 followers.  Another monumental milestone.  It's been one hell of a ride for James and it doesn't seem to be slowing down as he's now in the middle of his first UK and Ireland Live Tour. 


Something I didn’t tell him during this interview is that it was him who helped me fall back in love with fitness after a 6 month period of ‘just getting it done’. If you have ever watched one of James’s Lives on Facebook or Instagram, or even had the delight of going to one of his live tour venues, then you will understand how he does this.  If you haven’t then this episode is a good insight into how.

Fitness and nutrition can so easily be complicated for people who are wanting to make a change, especially in this world of far too much information everywhere.   James helps people really see the reality and his Academy, The James Smith Academy, is a place that people use to clear up their understanding of what areas are actually important to focus on and then teaches them how to execute. 

As a bloke James is awesome, he’s pretty down to earth and he seriously enjoys what he does.  It’s been great spending a bit of time with him recently as he has played an influence in the way Tristan and I will be taking on our marketing for the gym, F45 Oxford Circus, and for that I am grateful and very excited. 

What this episode has in store for you:

  • James talks us through what his Live Tour is all about and how it came to happen.
  • James tells us the steps that took him into the fitness industry.  
  • He tells us the journey that took him from working in a gym in Bracknell to taking on a new PT adventure in Sydney,
  • How James adapted to the adversity he experienced in his Sydney working environment, 
  • How James ramped up his business in 2017 to gain over 160,000 followers and manage to have a huge impact on the fitness industry.
  • James tells us his technique on how he eats a KitKat. Serious piece of broadcasting this.
  • 3 books that have had an impact on his life and why.
  • James gives one piece of advice to somebody who is about to go out on their own in business.
  • James tells us whether he would prefer to be 'Keto' or ' Vegan' for a whole year. 
  • What is James's current favourite fitness fact?
  • What is James's go to alcoholic beverage?
  • James tells us the one piece of advice he would tell his 22 year old self.
  • James gives us a tiny little snippet of insight into what the next 12-18 months has in store.

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Enjoy this episode.  It's a beauty!