#27 - Climbing Kili - Jimmy Goddard - Paratriathlete, Ex Commando and Inspirational Speaker.

Where do I start with Jimmy Goddard!? The first thing I will say is that.... The mans story is one that puts life into perspective. Without taking too much away from the story he tells in this episode i just wanted to touch on a few bits.  Jimmy has a colossal accident when he fell off a mountain rock climbing.  His accident resulted in being paralysed from the waist down. The journey he went on after this has been completely mind blowing.

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When I first met Jimmy, a few hours before recording this, i was overwhelmed by his positivity and incredible spirit.   When somebody has been through something like Jimmy has it is so easy to give up.  What Jimmy went on to achieve is beyond phenomenal and his perspective on life is something truly special.  I will always be thankful for the time I spent with Jimmy at his house.  We spoke for several hours before and after this recording and I will never forget my state of mind before and after meeting him. 

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Boys and girls listen to this episode and really evaluate the way you are living inside your head and what is actually important to you.  Jimmy is a true inspiration so don’t miss the opportunity to listen to his story.

What this episode has in store for you:

  • Jimmy talks us through his childhood and what drove him to go into the army.
  • Jimmy tells us of his experiences in the army and why he went on to do the Commando training not just once but TWICE!
  • In 2004 Jimmy had a life changing injury whist mountain climbing in Wales.  Jimmy recounts this incident and the moments surrounding it.
  • Getting back to it! Jimmy talks us through his mindset after the event and tells us the steps he took to get himself going again.
  • Jimmy tells us about his first few events after the accident and then what drove him to take on the challenge of a lifetime.
  • Time for Kili.  Jimmy recounts all of the events before, during and after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on a handbike.  His description of reaching the top is mind-blowing. 
  • Jimmy talks us through life after Kili and going for a Paralympic spot.
  • Jimmy is one of the most forward thinking people I've ever met.  He talks a little bit about how he manages to stay so positive.
  • I asked Jimmy to give a piece of life advice for somebody in their early 20's
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