#28 - The Power of Influencer Marketing - Harry Hugo, Co-Founder of the Goat Agency

Harry set up his first business when he was 16, a football fan site network with 60 websites and over 500 global writers. He was then invited to write for Liverpool’s social website as an influential blogger. He then became Head of Social at Sportlobster by 18 and built relationships with every major influencer in the UK.

Harry Hugo Headshot.jpeg

Since Harry founded Goat 2 years ago, the company has grown to 53 staff and has worked with global brands like Formula E, Lidl and British Airways. Goat remains unfunded having grown through delivering guaranteed results to the biggest brands in the world.

Harry has an unbelievable passion for what he does.  Influencer marketing is such a massive topic at the moment in this social media age and Harry's creativity and understanding of how to best utilize it effectively is an unbelievable skill to have.  His intelligence and work ethic is quite an unbelievable pairing.   If you are interested in business and want to hear what it takes to really get your business off the ground then this is a great episode for you.


What this episode has in store for you:

  • Harry tells us his background that created such an entrepreneurial drive within him.
  • How he started his own business at 16 and executed it with precision.
  • Why Harry decided against the university route and went straight into heading up a department of a multi million £ business.
  • Harry explains how the Goat Agency came off the back of the 'many mistakes' the founders made at their previous company.
  • Harry breaks down exactly what 'Influencer Marketing' is.
  • He explains in a few cases how Influencer marketing can be used effectively and how the ROI can be astronomical.
  • Harry explains why the Goat Agency is different to other Influencer marketing agencies.  
  • Harry gives us one piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.  It's a bit of tough love but true nonetheless. 
  • Harry tells us what is in store for himself and the Goat Agency over the next 12-18 months.

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