#34 -The Airbnb of Endurance Events - Alex Rose, Co Founder of Let's Do This

So this episode is one I really enjoyed recording.  Alex Rose is one of the Founders of Let’s Do This.  Where you’re looking for running eventstriathlonsobstacle races, or cycling events, Let’s Do This is the best place to find your perfect event..  Whether it be distance, or area of the world Let’s Do This makes it so easy for the user to find the event that is right for them.   With around 1.5 million endurance races globally existing it has become a massively disorganised and fragmented mess. Let's Do This is here now to organise all these events into one comparison site and allow, through extensive personalisation, athletes to find their perfect race.

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In 2017 I had a year that transformed my life.  The two things that springboard my life into the direction wanted were 1. Starting this Podcast. And 2. Join Up to the Wadi Rum Ultra.

I was lucky enough to have a friend who organised that race and he almost gave me no choice but to join up.  That decision was potentially the greatest I have ever made because putting myself through that experience changed my perception on what I was capable of.  It also broadened my mind to what is was like to do something that was far far bigger than me.  I and my two Fellow Trailblazers ran 260k in 5 days and in the process raised a lot of money for Mental Health.  


Coming back from that I realised that EXPERIENCES are the most important thing we have on this planet.  They focus your energy, challenge you as a person and have the ability to broaden your mind as a person.  Once you complete an endurance event such as the ones that are made available on the Let’s Do This platform, your mindset can never return to it’s original dimensions.  


Whether it’s your first 5k or your tenth ironman Let’s Do This aims to be the best place to find your perfect race. From Olympic gold medal winners to complete and utter newbies these races have the ability to change lives.

A little bit about Alex who is a chemical engineer graduate from Cambridge, Alex heads up the product team at Let’s Do This and is not a stranger to an an ultra in anyway shape or form. He is a fantastic guy, his entrepreneurial energy was infectious and he completely stands for what Let’s Do This is all about.  

The journey the company has been on so far is also fascinating so I’m buzzing for your all to hear it…..

What this episode has in store for you badgers:

  • Alex talks us through what Let’s Do This is and where the inspiration came from.

  • Let’s Do This has been spoken of as the ‘AirBnB of endurance events’. I ask Alex if this is exactly what he and other founders are aiming for.

  • Alex and I discuss whether people are beginning to be happier to spend money on ‘experiences’ over material objects. Bold statement but with growth in businesses such as Let’s Do This there does seem to be truth in it.

  • I ask Alex what Impact he thinks a platform such as Let’s Do This will have on endurance event participation in the long run. The sector is already booming so surely it will only enhance things.

  • Alex tells us his pathway to being one of the founders of his revolutionary start up. Was he always destined to be an entrepreneur.

  • Alex tells us the hardest thing he’s had to learn being an entrepreneur.

  • Alex talks to us about how the love of endurance sport has been at the centre point of the company from day one and it has shaped the company ethos.

  • Routines and methods Alex uses to stay grounded and focused day in and day out.

  • Alex talks us through plans for Let’s Do This for the next 12-18 months.

  • Alex leaves us with one lasting piece of entrepreneurial / life advice that he believe is really vital for personal development.

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