#37 - The Tales of a Sniper (Part 1) - Dean Adkins Former British Soldier and F45 Oxford Circus Member

This episode meant so much to me that I have split it into TWO parts.

The day I meant Dean Adkins was a day I will look back on fondly.  It was day two of opening F45 Oxford Circus.  I was running on pure adrenaline and down the stairs came this guy who I could tell was lacking confidence in his fitness ability.  Tristan and myself took him under our wing and made a conscious effort to get this guy going in the right direction.  

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What I was un aware of at the time was that Dean was struggling with injuries.  He never mentioned them to me when I met him initially and he have 1000% effort in every one of his early sessions in the gym.  He did mention he struggled with certain leg movements but apart from that nothing was really mentioned.  

It was only after 4 weeks, during a consultation I had with him, that he told me he had an incident when he was in the army. I’m not going to elaborate on this now, as this is his story to tell.  What I will tell you is that after hearing this story I have never been so proud of another human being.  At the point of hearing this story for the first time Dean had lost 5% body fat and he had put on 3% skeletal muscle mass.  More than anything his confidence had increased x20 and he was loving his training again.  

I hope this doesn’t sound like a sales pitch for F45 Oxford Circus, but hearing Dean’s story was the best moment I’ve had since opening the gym.  Knowing what is going on down at our studio in regard to helping other people in a positive manner reinforce my love for what we do.  

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His approach to life after everything he has been through is phenomenal.  His positive outlook is an inspiration to be around and he has become a really good friend of mine.   I absolutely love the fact I get to see him most days and to see him putting in 1000% effort and being a major part of our community is huge.

What we talk about In this episode badgers:

  • Dean tells us briefly about his childhood and his route to going into the army.

  • His experiences doing army training at the age of 17/18 - not pretty.

  • His first tour of ‘Iraq" at the age of 19. How his naivety/innocence resulted in not remembering much of his first tour.

  • Moving into the infantry. How the brotherhood he was part of changed his experience in the army.

  • How his infantry training developed him as an individual and how has linked into his love of group training.

  • Dean reflects own a piece of advice his Sergeant Major gave him at the age of 18 years old.

  • The experience / perception Dean had / has of Afghanistan as a country. It is not one you may expect…

  • How Dean has trained his mind to constantly look for the positives after having been in a war zone.

  • Dean puts me in stitches with some anecdotes of, as he says - ‘all the funny shit’ that happened in the army.

  • The importance of understanding the mindset of a soldier when they return home from war and why the suicide rate is so high.

  • Dean starts to talk about the incident that changed his life.

There is no sponsor on this episode today because I want to get straight into it.  Crack on.