#41 - Saving the Planet and 10 Days of Silence - William Brown, Founder of The Active Vegans and Environmental Public Speaker

Bonjour squad.  Today is a really interesting episode with Will Brown on some topics, in all honesty I had very limited knowledge about.  They are definitely on my radar now and something I take serious consideration of.

Environmental issues are all around us and unfortunately so many people couldn’t care less about them.  As an individual everyone has a responsibility to the planet and the people around them so this really is a must listen in that regard.

Will brownn1.jpeg

I had met Will a few times at the point of recording this and got a very good feeling from him from the off.  He just seemed very self aware of everything and everyone around him. It showed through even more after recorded this episode.  Some of the talks he is doing on Veganism and Climate change awareness are extremely insightful and inspirational and I think the next few years for him are going to be huge.

What this episode has in store for you rascals!

  • Will’s Background - PT in Bournemouth to Top club in London

  • How he has used himself as a guinie pig throughout his career.

  • Will’s two passions - Health and fitness + the environment.

  • A journey of self discovery - How he travelled the world when he realised he was going through a plateau.

  • The most crazy experience of Will’s life.

  • Vipasna meditation - what is it?

  • Will’s tricks on how to get some headspace.

  • Stop worrying about what people think.

  • Will’s transition into being a vegan and why he chose this way of life.

  • The Active Vegans - what it is and how it’s going to develop.

  • Why F45 stands out to Will in the fitness industry.

  • F45 vs Bro split.

  • Our thoughts on Crossfit

  • Climate Awareness Network - Will’s fantastic creation.

  • WIll’s piece of life advice for somebody in a rut!

  • How communication is the key to self development.

  • What fires me up - the 4am shower analogy

Will Brown 2.jpeg

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