#32 - Just Get It Done - Bradley Simmonds, Celebrity Personal Trainer and F45's UK Head Ambassador

This is a NOOORTY episode with my man Bradley Simmonds. I first came into contact with Bradley when he became the F45 UK head ambassador.  I was immensely impressed with his approach to the role and was taken aback by what a lovely fella he was.  Genuine, hardworking and equipped with great knowledge on is line of work. 

Brad is on a journey to motivate and inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and a nutritious diet. 


His no nonsense approach ‘Get It Done’ pushes all ages and sizes to reach amazing long term results.

What I love about Brad’s story is that he’s had so many personal ups and downs and he hasn’t sat back and felt sorry for himself.  He adapted, made plans and then acted on them. Many people can learn from this.  Taking knocks in life is all part and parcel. If you don’t react you become passive.  Nothing ever comes easy.  That is why this guy is killing it and literally living his dream!

What this episode has in store for you rascals:

  • Bradley gives a bit of background into his rapid rise to fame.  
  • Bradley talks us through his ups and downs with injuries and how they affected his state of mind.

  • How Bradley went from being a professional footballer to a Celebrity Personal Trainer.

  • Bradley tells us the HILARIOUS story of how he came to become the PT of his footballing Idol John Terry.

  • The importance of keeping your OWN identity as an influencer.

  • Writing and releasing his book 'Just Get It Done'. Bradley talks us through the process.

  • Bradley tells us his party trick and how he eats a KitKat.
  • Bradley gives advice to those in their 20's / 30's who are lacking inspiration and a direction in life.

  • What Bradley's goal / next project is for the next 12 - 18 months.

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