#57 - Building and Driving an Ethical Business! Lucy Bee, Entrepreneur + Owner of Lucy Bee Coconut Oil


Awesome episode recorded here with Lucy Buckingham, you may know her as Lucy B, owner of Lucy Bee Coconut Oil.  I really enjoyed listening to the story behind Lucy’s business, her experiences as an entrepreneur and just her general passion for what she does.  

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If you have not seen any of Lucy Bee’s Fairtrade products in the shops then where have you been?  They are everywhere and it’s because the quality is simply unbelievable.  Her relentless effort to have her products all be Fairtrade is fascinating – how many of you really realised what Fairtrade actually means – I mean we all know it’s a good thing but what actually does it mean?  Well listen to the impact Lucy’s products have on the communities that are involved in the production of them! Mind blowing. 

What we chatter about…..

  • Bit of background on Lucy prior to opening her business?

  • Did Lucy always have an entrepreneurial mentality?

  • Lucy talks to us about the early says behind Lucy Bee Coconut Oil and what the stimulus was behind the brand.

  • In the early days of being an entrepreneur how did Lucy manage to deal with the highs and lows of business?

  • What values has the company always kept at the centre of the business? Lucy places huge emphasis on giving back to the communities that help produce her products.

  • What does it mean to be a Free Trade product? A lot of people will see this in supermarkets and probably not really know the result of buying those products.

  • Lucy’s one piece of advice for an aspiring entrepreneur who has an idea they want to bring to the health/wellness/fitness sector?

  • What it is that drives Lucy day in day out as a young business owner?

  • 2019? What is on the agenda? Anything exciting…another book?

If you want to get your hands on some of Lucy’s product then simply head over to shop.lucybee.com and type in LB15 at the checkout when you make your first order.

Such an awesome women and yet another inspirational story of how sometimes you’ve just got to for it and not look back.