#59 - A Lesson in CRUSHING Life - Shaun Stafford, Former WBFF Pro Champion, Owner of City Athletic Gyms and Family Man

Where do you start with Shaun Stafford?

Well you will hear it all in this episode. From Shaun going to Oxford University, through all of his WBFF Pro competition years, opening a gym (which was fascinating for me to hear) to doing something massively outside his comfort zone in running the Everest Marathon. It was an unbelievably fascinating conversation.


I consider myself as somebody who has a lot going on but Shaun is a whole new level. As I listened to Shaun talk I realised how effective somebody can be in so many areas and still remain so composed. It is also so clear where Shaun’s priorities lie as an individual. His family is number one and everything else is second. That is the way I want to be living my life when the time is right.

It was such a gripping period hour spent with Shaun and I really felt like I learnt a lot. As I walked away from this episode it was another example of how this podcast can be used as a platform to learn and be inspired about what Is possible. Take a look at some of the topics we spoke about.

  • How Shaun went from Oxford University to a career in the fitness industry.

  • Shaun’s journey through to his WBFF Pro card.

  • How he obtained, lost and then obtained AGAIN his his WBFF Pro winning title.

  • Opening City Athletic - Why did he decide to open a gym?

  • His Advice to anybody thinking about opening a gym and what the harsh reality of doing this is.

  • How on earth Shaun went from bodybuilding to running the Everest Marathon

  • Shaun tells us how much he loves running! But seriously he loved raising money for a special charity in Nepal.

  • Shaun’s process around ’Goal Setting’. This is something I have wanted to ask Shaun for a while.

  • What is on the cards for Shaun over the next 12 months.

  • What Shaun’s life lesson would be for an individual in their 20’s looking for a direction.