#56 - Finding Your Purpose - George Bettany Co-founder of Sanctus

George Bettany, co-founder of Sanctus alongside James Routledge, has become a dear friend to me. One of the many fantastic relationships I have built off the back of this podcast. I first spoke to him on this show in October of 2017 just before I did the Wadi Rum Ultra. It was Episode 7 of The Inspiration Space and it was one I was very eager to do since starting.


Sanctus is a company that is doing some unbelievable things in the mental health scene, The work they do in changing the perception of mental health is massive. They are doing unbelievable work within the corporate companies they work with and I hope that it continues at the rate it currently going.

George and James are also best mates who have opened a company together. George talks about the importance of communication in business and general life circumstances…. We also talk about some other more difficult reflective topics:

  • I ask George about his biggest success in 2018.

  • I ask George about his biggest learning curve in 2018.

  • I ask George about his biggest failure in 2018.

  • Where Sanctus is going in the next 12-18 months. What direction are companies going in that operate in mental health?