#61 - MUCH More than Just a Sex Party - Emma Sayle - CEO off Killing Kittens, Wife, Mother, Liberator and Feminist

As I was having one of my more reflective weekends, not surrounded by Aperol Spritz and Tequilla, I was looking through my episodes.  I was really annoyed with myself about the lack of inspirational women I had interviewed.  This completely unintentional but within seconds I had started putting together a list of women I really wanted ot have on the show.  The first one that really screamed out at me was Emma Sayle the CEO of Killing Kittens.  

Emma is one of the UK’s leading ‘sex-entrepreneurs’. She made her name launching the elite global adult-party brand Killing Kittens in 2005, which now has over 80,000 members having launched events across the US, Australia and Europe.

The popular press have pronounced her a leader at the cutting edge of the new dawn of female sexual liberation. She has appeared in national and international media from TV shows to broadsheets to radio debates and corporate talks.

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What Emma has created with Killing Kittens is nothing short of incredible.  This is an episode that nobody should miss and it was a real pleasure to have had her on the show.  Loved every minute of it!!!!

What we spoke about on the episode:

  • Emma’s background as an individual and how her career and life took her into the creation of Killing Kittens.

  • Emma tells us what the stimulus behind KK was and also where the name came from! 

  • Emma talks us through the most common misconceptions that outsiders don’t understand or quite simply get wrong about Killing Kittens.

  • The real power behind being a member of the Killing Kittens community.

  • Emma explains the format behind one of the Killing Kittens parties.

  • Emma tells us what the most powerful realisation she’s had since starting the business.

  • We talk through what feminism is and why the term has such a stigma around it.

  • How movements such as Killing Kittens is levelling the playing field for society in a number of areas. Mental health included.

  • Emma’s one piece of entrepreneurial advice for those thinking to work on their passion project.

  • The unbelievable scalability that Killing Kittens has as a business. What is going to happen to the business over the next 12-18 months.

  • Emma’s biggest hero.

  • A book that had the most impact on Emma’s life.

  • I ask Emma to pass on one life lesson learnt to us.

Take what you can from it. Enjoy!