#63 - Be AWESOME - Ben Coomber - Nutritionist, Educator, Speaker, Writer and All Round Bloody Hero

I was absolutely ecstatic to do this episode today!  I have listened to Ben Coomber for a very very long time.  I have stepped in and out of several podcasts over the years but Ben’s is the only one that I have always stuck with. I have taken so so so much from what he has said over the years and still do to this day.  Ben has interviewed some very very high profile people over the years, CT Fletcher, Phil Learney and Phil Graham being just a few, but in all honesty it’s his personal 10-15 minute episodes I always tune in for as his mental clarity and knowledge is extremely infectious on everything to do with mental and physical health


A couple of weeks ago after listening to an episode of his I was like fuck it I’ll reach out to him and see if he wanted to come on the show.  The amount of times I have done this is now hilarious.  What I do notice is that it’s the people who really do have the ability to provide value that say yes! This was one of the ones that made me super super pumped though.  There are a handful of people that have helped shape my knowledge and view on nutrition and Ben is certainly one.  The fact he came down despite being super busy with his BTN academy, his new supplement range ‘Awesome Supplements’ and few other amazing projects he is working on was amazing.

Ben Coomber - T.I.S.jpeg

In all honesty I could have sat down with Ben for hours and asked him question after question.  This episode jumps through several topics - I used it as an excuse to ask him some questions I wanted the answers on in all honesty. However all these questions will be relevant to all listening.

What we spoke about:

* A little bit of background on Ben! He talks through his journey through obesity!!

* Ben talks us though some very clear and concise changes that he made to his lifestyle to help him get to where he wanted!!

* Ben talks about the topic of ‘Change’ Lots of people love the idea of change but very few actually manage it.

* The power of group training!

* Self awareness is the first part to ‘Self-Mastery’.

* I ask Ben whether he has always had that entrepreneurial drive. Where has it come from?

* Two pieces of leadership advice.

* The balance between knowledge consumption and action.

* Two daily habits you couldn’t live without.

* Two people who have had a significant impact on your life!!

* I ask Ben to share with us a life lesson he has learnt to an individual in their 20’s / 30’s who is a little bit lost for a direction.

* What is on the agenda for Ben over the next 12 months!

This is an absolute screeeeamer! Get involved!