#62 - How to Fuel a World Cup Winning Team - Matt Lovell, World Renowned Sports Nutritionist and Founder of Aminoman

Speaking to Matt Lovell was pretty epic for me.  The England 2003 Rugby World Cup winning team will always be heroes in my mind.  Being obsessed with rugby from the age of 8 years old was made even more drastic when that trophy was won in Australia 16 years ago!  


Matt Lovell was the sports nutritionist for that team.  So when I got the chance to speak with him I jumped all over it!  When Matt came down to the gym we really got stuck in to a few topics based around nutrition, it was very obvious when I was speaking with him that I was talking to somebody who was at the top of their field.  


Matt has and still is the nutritionist for some top level sorts teams.  He has been a nutritionist on a one on one basis for a long time too. His passion for his field has lead him to bring out his own brand Aminoman - a supplementation brand that can aid both males and females to perform at the top of their abilities.  Whatever your goal is Aminoman has the solution to provide that support.  Whether it be muscle gain, recovery, improved sleep, reduced inflammation, increased energy etc… these products are top grade and can be of some serious use depending on where you are in your fitness journey.   If you got to www.aminoman.com and type in SFL25 into your basket you will get 25% off of your first order.

What we spoke about in this episode:

  • Matt’s background…. He studied ‘Political Philosophy’ at university!?!?

  • How Matt went from a Personal Trainer to working as a Nutritionist on Harley Street.

  • Matt tells us how he got into working with professional sports teams.

  • The 2003 World Cup Winning Rugby team. Matt tells us how he worked with the team and how the impact of more precise nutrition helped their performance and therefore results.

  • Aminoman. How the brand came about and how the prod

Listen in guys this one is extremely interesting episode, Matt is a very very knowledgeable man and a great guy. Enjoy.