#66 - Passion and Perseverance - Dr Vanessa Moulton, Psychologist and Founder of The Mindflex Group

The continuum of ‘Psychology Wellbeing’ spoken about with Dr Vanessa Moulton is a conversation that has changed my thinking around mental health. Why should we simply just focus on the mental ill health end of the spectrum? We should also be focusing on all the areas of our psychological fitness at the top end of the spectrum and how we can optimise our mind at all time. You don’t stop at the gym when your body is getting into good knick? Think about that.

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Vanessa is a psychologist that has worked in some incredible environments. Being heavily involved with help for Heroes being just one of them. The work she does with organisations, groups of people and on a one on one basis is amazing!

Check out some of the things we spoke about!!

  • Vanessa’s professional background that lead her from a career in marketing to working with war veterans.

  • ‘Psychological Fitness’, or should I say ‘Psychological Wellbeing’ what this means and how this area has grown in the public eye in the last 20 years?

  • The continuum of ‘Psychological Wellbeing’ - Psychological Fitness / Psychological Ill Health.

  • Flexibility of thought and action. The power that can be created when you unleash the fact that there is always another way. There is no one size fits all.

  • How to make people realise that their self made “rules” may NOT be working for them anymore.

  • How flexibility of thought and action can help you be on the RIGHT end of the Psychological well being spectrum.

  • Other psychological fitness factors….

  • Downtime - why it is SO important, what it is and how it is subjective to the individual.

  • Finding balance across the psychological fitness factors and how it takes a years to form the right formula for you?

  • Sleep - why it is just everything to us!

  • Work and purpose - how when we achieve in these areas we open ourselves up to more opportunity and achievements.

  • Success - How the definition of success can change. Just because you sat yourself a specific idea of success when you are 20 DOESN’T mean that should always be your idea of success.

  • Vanessa talks about one her heroes - He may be coming on the show soon too!!

  • How Millennials are more open minded and how senior executives tend to be more fixed. Vanessa talks about the work she does with organisations in order to make them more conscious of psychology in the workplace. It is a huge performance indicator in the workplace.

  • Vanessa talks to us about ‘The Sisterhood’ - when it started, what it means and what they have done.

  • GRIT - Passion and perseverance. How and why it is so important to keep growing and setting yourself challenges. (1 hour 11 minutes).

  • Who Vanessa’s biggest influences are. One of which has been on the show, Emma Sayle CEO of Killing Kittens.

  • A few life lessons that Vanessa has learnt. The 30’s is when it all becomes clearer - BE PATIENT!