#64 - NEAT UP 24/7 - Diren Kartal, Neat Up 24/7 Creator, Coach and “Charismatic Turk”

Diren Kartal is one of my favourite guys in fitness! He speaks the truth. He simplifies everything down to the basics and most importantly he lives his life the fullest. No chicken and broccoli for this guy!! Diren has an interesting life path and a great day to day mentality that is definitely worth listening in too! This guy is on course do some amazing stuff!


Diren has developed and is implementing the NEATUP 24/7 community!!!! Such an exciting project and it is going to take off in a huge capacity.

What we spoke about……

  • Why Diren got involved in fitness, his journey through his early footballing years and why he ended up going to Australia….

  • We talk through a couple of cracks in the fitness industry.

  • How Diren’s life took on a new direction after making a HUGE decision.

  • A rollercoaster 24 months alongside his close friend James Smith. I asked him…

    • What’s been his most memorable moment.

    • The biggest lesson he’s learnt.

    • The biggest mistake he’s made.

  • How and why Diren and James have become social media influencer ‘Vigilante’s’.

  • Diren talks us through ‘Neat Up 24/7’. How it has developed as a concept and where it is going!!

  • Diren tells me which book has shaped his thinking more than any other!

  • What’s his party trick.

  • How he eats a kit Kat.

  • What he is working on over the next 12 months and why it excites him!