#71 - The Mental Health Gym / LIve Talk - Avec George Bettany and Hosted by Julia Cockcroft at London Business School

This was a first.  George and I got invited to do a live talk / Q&A at London Business School's  mental health awareness week.  It was a fantastic experience and something we both really enjoyed doing. Hopefully this will be the first of may live talks on this podcast.


Below are some of the topics we spoke about / were asked about.

The background of both of our businesses.

  1. How our mental health journeys tie in with our businesses.

  2. Involvement/importance of mental health in the business idea.

  3. Biggest challenge and how you overcame it/did the challenge change the course of where the business was going?

  4. Biggest success so far and what does the ultimate success look like?

  5. Biggest barrier to initially opening up the conversation about mental health?

  6. Biggest barrier to maintaining the openness of the mental health conversation? Both personal and business contexts 

  7. Methods/exercises/coaching examples which have been useful? 

  8. Stress management techniques. 

  9. Responses to The Inspiration Space/Talking Business/Sanctus podcasts. 

  10. Sleep. 

  11. The financial bottom line and ROI of mental health. 

This was great fun and has sparked up a few ideas for the future of this podcast.