#73 - Imposter Syndrome! Own Your Success! - Dr Vanessa Moulton, Psychologist and Founder of the Mindflex Group

What is ‘Imposter Syndrome’? Impostor Syndrome is characterized by the conviction that you don't deserve your success. It is the feeling that you're not as intelligent, creative or talented as other people seem to believe you are. It is the suspicion that your achievements are down to luck, good timing or just being in the right place at the right time. And it is accompanied by the fear that, one day, you'll be exposed as a fraud.


On this episode I have back on the show Dr Vanessa Moulton. I spoke to Vanessa briefly about this topic after we stopped recording our last episode and I was really eager to get her back on to talk about this. I have struggled with imposter syndrome that last two years specifically and was really excited to hear the views and knowledge of somebody who deals with seeing it in people everyday.

What we spoke about in this fascinating episode:

  • What is imposter syndrome.

  • The gender difference when it comes to imposter syndrome.

  • How imposter syndrome can hinder your full potential.

  • The importance of flexibility of thought in this regard.

  • How can you work on it?

  • My personal mindset when it comes dealing with my own ‘Imposter Syndrome’

  • How we create rules in our own mind and how we must define our own meaning of success.

  • How validation and approval from external sources, i.e social media, can be detrimental.