#74 - Blood Glucose and BOOMBOD with Matt Carter, Fitness Professional, Type 1 Diabetic and Absolute Legend

Matt Carter.jpeg

On this show I got to speak with Matt Carter who is somebody I have a great deal of respect for. Matt uses his large following to promote positive messages on body image and how people should view fitness as a whole. I wanted to speak to Matt predominantly about Diabetes as he is a type 1 but we got stuck into a few other interesting topics as well.

  • Matt's journey with Diabetes.

  • Matt's journey with fitness.

  • What considerations do diabetics have to consider in regard to training that most people don’t even consider.

  • ‘Making Noise’ the importance of doing this. Matt talks about a recent episode he has had with BOOMBOD.

  • Advice for anyone getting into fitness as a profession.

  • What excites Matt most about the next 12-18 months?