#75 - Unleash Winning Body Language - Mark Bowden, #1 Body Language Expert Worldwide, TEDx Talker and Keynote Speaker

Mark Bowden is the keynote speaker for organizations and associations worldwide whose people, leadership or sales teams need to stand out, win trust and gain credibility every time they speak. His highly interactive keynote presentation takes everybody on an informative, exciting and laugh-out-loud journey to understanding how, with the right body language “It’s often not what you say—but how you say it, that gets you extraordinary results!”


His TEDx Talk changed my way of viewing the world. Understanding the importance of non verbal communication is a game changer. If you have not watched this TEDx Talk then I strongly suggest doing so. In this episode Mark and I talk about some underpinning beliefs around the topic and how it can unlock many doors to reach success.

Topics covered in this epic episode:

  • I ask Mark about his background and how he stumbled into the field of 'Body Language'.

  • The importance of creating an experience and how to do so.

  • Mark talks us through the 4 categories we put people into upon meeting them. This is dependent on the body language the person is putting out.

  • Mark talks us through how to create open body language. This is what is needed to get people 'on side'.

  • 'People aren't looking perfection they are looking for charisma'' Potentially one of my favourite quotes of all time. Mark explains the importance of creating the experience more than anything else.

  • I ask Mark what the first step for learning winning body language is.

  • As a business Mark talks about how the initial contact with an employee can create the framework for how that individual thinks their experience is going to pan out.

  • Mark explains how being more 'inauthentic' can be the way to move yourself forward as an individual. It can trigger huge growth, as long as you morals and goal are authentic.

  • 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' the difference between reading that game changing book and DOING IT!

  • Mark's approach to getting into a growth mindset. How introducing the word 'yet' can change your approach to almost every situation.

  • Winning body language in a 'Dating' scenario. His advice - 'The cocktail maker is more attractive than the opener of a bottle'.

  • Follow mark on twitter @truthplane and LinkedIN @truthplane. Also some free training Mark provides via - bit.ly/winningkeynote

  • Mark advice to somebody in their 20's and 30's who is lost for a direction in life.