#78 - Changing Prosthetics Forever - Nate Macabuag and Ben Lakey, Co-Founders of Mitt Wearables

Nate Macabuag and Ben Lakey are co-founders of Mitt Wearables (www.WearMitt.com) which was started at Imperial College in 2017. Over the last two years the two have been developing a new type of prosthetic limb. They are following a user-centred design process and our goal is to create what people have told them they desperately need - comfortable and affordable prosthetics. Their vision is to create a global impact product that is accessible to everyone that needs prostheses.

MittWear 1.jpg

Their protheses can be fitted by the users themselves in minutes, instead of taking weeks with medical clinician. They have created an ever-growing range of simple to use tools – each specific to people’s desired tasks. This makes the devices completely customisable, much lighter, easier to use and brings the cost right down. Our initial designs result in prostheses that is 100X cheaper than any other functional prosthetic.

I had the pleasure of speaking to the two and here is what we got stuck into:

  • The story behind how the company got started.

  • The business relationship between Ben and Nate. Their strengths and weaknesses fill each other’s gaps.

  • The development in the product in the space of a year.

  • Some of the incredible stories behind the case studies.  People are now able to do things they once loved doing with their new prosthetic.

    The current state of affairs with NHS provided prosthetics. They are bespoke, expensive, dysfunctional and uncomfortable. Mitt is here to change all that.

  • The lads are engineers and haven’t gone down the conventional prosthetic route. However they’ve simply questioned the way things have been done and why they can’t be done differently.

  • How the lads set their goals clearly for their first year and are now taking the time lay out their goals for the next stage.

  • The importance of listening to your customer! And then delivering what they want.

  • Simplicity is at the products core. Getting out of their own way to delivery simplicity is what was so important for their development as a company.

  • Nate’s message to any aspiring entrepreneur - “A company is a means to an end.”

  • Ben’s message as an entrepreneur -  Celebrate the small wins. Go out and meet as many people as possible!  

Listen in guys this is a incredible listen!!