#79 - Double Crossed - Brian Wood, Military Cross, Best Selling Author and Public Speaker

Brian Wood was awarded the Military Cross, one of Britain’s highest awards for gallantry in combat, by Her Majesty The Queen II, following his courageous leadership under enemy fire in Iraq.

In the heat of a lethal close quarters battle, fighting outnumbered, he seized the initiative, taking a split-second decision to lead his men into the teeth of enemy fire in the first bayonet charge by British soldiers in 25 years. Leading from the front, he put his own life in great danger. Under his command, Brian’s men defeated the enemy without sustaining any serious casualties themselves. Their actions that day saved many other soldiers’ lives.


During a 16 year military career, Brian led British troops across the full spectrum of battle from training to fighting; from operations in the Balkans to high intensity combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Throughout his Army career he had to make life-or-death decisions, frequently in hazardous battle situations, usually under great pressure and often against the clock. There is no greater leadership challenge than motivating men to put their lives on the line. To succeed they have to know that you are a meticulous and competent planner and commander who can be trusted with their lives.

Brian’s military experience has equipped him to deliver highly inspirational and compelling sessions, sharing his experiences from the battlefield and suggesting ways that the lessons he has learnt can be applied in the corporate world.


What we spoke about in this awesome episode!

  • Brian tells us a little about his childhood. Was he always destined for the army life?

  • Iraq 2003 comes around. Brian tells us about his mindset at this point as a 22/23 year old.

  • Brian tells us a frightening story about an ambush that put him into hospital.

  • The Battle of Danny Boy. The second ambush in the space of a month that Brian was involved in. This time around the consequences would change his life forever.

  • Brian tells us the full scope of that day, the Battle of Danny Boy, in 2003.

  • From the Military Cross to PTSD and a full blown inquiry.

  • Brian touches on what leadership means to him. There is no environment with higher pressure demands than the army. If you make the wrong decision - people die.

  • The Al-Sweady inquiry almost brought Brian to his knees. Having his values and actions questioned was a despicable thing to have happened, Coming through that and being completely cleared was justice and ew got to hear about some of the worst things that happened to Brian along the way.

  • What Brian has coming up - A television show on his story!!

  • Brians life advice for anyone stuck in a rut and looking for direction.