The Inspiration Space

Unhappiness and mental fatigue is something that it is all too common today.  We all know somebody, whether it be ourselves or somebody close to us, who has a degree of anxiety or depression.  12 months ago I was one of these people.   Then I came up with an idea that focused my energy and motivated my mind – The Inspiration Space.

From a personal standpoint, and for many others who I have spoken to regarding the topic of mindset, I honestly believe that the first step to becoming a happier individual is to first become inspired.   Once I had this idea in my head I simply couldn’t get it out.  I wanted to help people become inspired in anyway I could.

I flicked back to the days when I was in my mental rut and it was extracts from books, a powerful documentary snippet and finally an insightful podcast that geared me up to go again.  The two main areas that fascinate me on this planet are firstly, people, and secondly, health, fitness and mindset.  So I put them together and the Inspiration Space was born.

By speaking to people who have achieved, or are in the process of, an amazing feat is quite an incredible thing.   One thing that you have to bear in mind is that the only difference between these individuals who have done something inspiring and those who are yet to do so is their mindset.  Meeting and associating yourself with people who hold this mindset is something that has quite literally transformed my approach and perception of life.  By listening to the Inspiration Space will you will undoubtedly feel the urge to strive for self-improvement.

Becoming inspired as mentioned before is the first step.  However what it leads onto is so much more.  With inspiration comes focus, and with focus everything becomes clearer.  You suddenly enable yourselves to make better decisions to move yourself where you want to go.

For me it is people who inspire me, always has been.  A great teacher, a sports hero of mine, my father etc…  However, it is these individual’s habits, and therefore choices, that make them who they are.  This is what I want to extract from our guests.   It is one thing being in the presence of an individual with an overwhelming positive and progressive mindset but understanding how and why they manage to be like that is something very special.


So what do I want you to do?

  • Firstly, I want you to tune into the first three episodes of The Inspiration Space here.
  • Secondly, be self aware. Self-improvement is always something we should strive for.
  • Thirdly – Communicate with us on our Social Media channels@theinspirationspacepodcast or email me at I want to know who you would like to have on the show and also how we can improve.