The Mindset You Keep

Personal growth…. This is something that blows my mind when speaking to individuals.   As an individual I am drawn to people who are eager to improve themselves in an area of their lives.  I find it fascinating to see what drives people.

It is clear, after much reading on the topic and through personal observation that this is all about mindset.  ‘Mindset’ by Carol Dweck is a best selling book that expands on the concept of two different mindsets in individuals.  It is an absolute must read.

Firstly we have the fixed mindset.  This is where individuals believe that their qualities/hindrances are carved in stone.   Intelligence, personable skills, athleticism are some areas that people focus on as an example.  In brief this mindset programs people to think success is having a natural ability at something or simply being better than others at it.  These people believe failure does define you.  For these people, effort is for those who have no talent.  I guarantee you have come across people like this.

On the flip side we have the growth mindset.  The essence of this mindset is based around cultivating your skills through application and experience.  This happens through effort, being strategic and through help from others.  People in this mindset profess that an individual’s true potential is unknown so therefore passion, work and training can take them on mad and wonderful life journey.

Which one sounds more appealing to you?

I cannot tell you for how long I sat in the former category.  It is a crippling way to live your life.  It keeps you inside your comfort zone and simply stops you from growing your skill set, enjoying different experiences and ultimately being happy.

When did the change come?  My thought process towards two concepts shifted. Failure and learning are two areas that stop people from achieving there potential, however when they are viewed in the growth mindset they can unleash you.

From speaking to my two guests, Kriss Akabusi MBE and Lauren Morton, on the Inspiration Space, you will see just how important your perception of those two areas should be.

Realizing that failure is something that should shape your long-term growth is an extremely powerful tool to have.  It is only when you refuse to learn from failure that you become one.

Constant learning is the key to self-improvement.  Do not approach life in the fixed mindset.  In this day and age we have so many resources available to us to keep us moving forward and bettering ourselves.

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  3. Keep learning everyday. Failure does not define you, use it as a tool to succeed.