Whatever You Do... Do It With Passion!

On this planet of 7.6 billion people, I am probably the easiest person to engage in conversation.  To get from A to B can sometimes be a struggle.  It is even worse when I am in an environment that interests me.  A few days ago there was a prime example....

I walked into Coffee Island on St Martin's Lane at about 12:15 with the intention of getting some ground coffee for a meeting I was holding at my house the next day.  As I was looking at what was on offer I was approached by the barista on duty.  This dude was absolutely exceptional at his job.  The reason why he was so good was simply down to the relentless passion and enthusiasm he held for coffee as a product and lifestyle.  For 20 minutes he reeled off knowledge to me that blew me away. He walked me through the perfect technique to make an espresso in a moka pot and what flavours worked best in different seasons.  I could have happily stayed there all day to talk to him.

This reinforced something I have really come to believe over the last few years.  Whatever you do, do it with passion.   Life is just not worth living unless you are engaged in what you are doing.  Too many people lack that zest for life.  

"Passion is what gives meaning to our lives. It's what allows us to achieve success beyond our wildest imagination." Henry Samueli

This is what I love about what I do now.  I am constantly talking to people who have a passion for what they do and that is why they are constantly progressing in their fields.  It is that passion that drives them day in and day out.  This passion allows them to engage their mindset completely in what they are doing.

Is everybody passionate about the field they work in?  Should people just pack up their jobs on a whim? Not in all cases. However I believe if you really throw yourself into your job you will find elements of it that you actually love and will help you grow as an individual.

Two months ago I left behind a job that I held for two and a half years.  I did not have a passion for the sector I was working in, however I manoeuvred myself into a mindset that allowed me to be passionate about my day to day occupation.  I was able to be deeply engaged in what I was doing due to two areas that I am passionate about.  Building client relationships and progressing a team culture internally.  By developing these skills I loved every second of it and I left on my own terms into a sector that I adore.


Therefore what do I want you to do:

1. Engage yourself in what you do.  Get what you can out of the experience.

2. Subscribe to my podcast The Inspiration Space and listen to my episode with Mark Pinnock.  His philosophy? Your attitude reflects your altitude

3. Enjoy this New Years period. Come back refreshed and with an attitude of urgency to get better every day.

Big 'festive' love,