A Look Back on 2017

As I look back on 2017 I can say one thing with certainty.  I finally got my shit together.

All over Instagram you will hear that everybody has the solution and all the answers.  That is not something I will ever say on this page because that would be the furthest thing from the truth.  I am  certainly not the most skilled, most intelligent or most visionary.  What I have done this year however is take some fucking action. 

In January 2017 I laid down the areas I wanted to develop in.

1. Meet more people that would benefit my life.

2. Give back to society.

3. Challenge myself mentally and physically.

4. Forge a career that I was passionate about.

I would love to say that at this point I wrote down a plan of exactly how I was going to achieve all those things, but that would be a lie.  What I did do. however was start with one focus. I started The Inspiration Space podcast and began to interview some absolutely fantastic people.  As soon as I started that journey some amazing things started to happen.


It lead to me forming The Trailblazers Club with two others. This is an organisation that challenges its members mentally and physically whilst providing a positive social impact.  The Trailblazers Club completed the Wadi Rum Ultra, 260km in five days across the Jordan Dessert, on the 15th October 2017.  In the process raising £16,380 for YoungMinds UK.


In the midst of all this fun I have returned to working in to an industry that I love.  

Did all these things just happen to me? Absolutely not.  I started to live my life by a few guiding principles.

1.     The importance of building relationships with the right people.

2.     Put myself outside my comfort zone where possible.

3.     Focusing on what is actually important to me.

4.     Happiness is something you have to work for.  It won’t arrive at your front door.

Do not think that there is ever a perfect time to start living the life you want to.  The only time is now.  Don’t be the person that wishes they could go back 5 years and start over.  Get up and go…. No time like the present.

“Imperfect action over perfect inaction”

Harry Truman

Big love,