6 Tools to Help You in the New Year

Hi all,

Just a couple of products / apps that I find extremely useful.  Each one compliments my lifestyle and helps me run at full capacity… or as close to it as possible.  Take a look as some of them may help you.


1.     Digestive Enzymes + Acidophilus

These were recommended to me by a big influence on me, Luke Haslett.  The first thing I do everyday is take both of these…. Why? Because they are a game changer for optimal digestion.  Let me explain why in short.

As we get older, our digestive system becomes less efficient.  Our day to day consumption eventually begins to deteriorate our digestive tract which makes it more difficult to digest and absorb food.

Digestive enzymes should be incorporated into your lifestyle because they are natural substances that help you with the break down and absorption of food.  If you want to get the most out of the fuel you are consuming then these are a fantastic aid.

Acidophilus is a probiotic which gives our gut benefits mainly through the byproducts they produce.   Through these substances bad bacteria is levelled out in the gut, which in turn helps our body’s overall health.

Our gut is often called our ‘Second Brain’ and it is so true.  If we are digesting and absorbing our fuel better then our mental and physical capabilities are naturally going to improve. 

Let me emphasize that taking these with shit nutrition is a waste of time.  If you are smashing Burger King daily don’t expect these to balance the playing field.  With a good lifestyle these bad boys will really improve your daily performance.

Brand Suggestion: Solgar




2.     Productivity Planner

Wow.  This planner is such a brilliant tool for helping you stay focused.  There are similar products, and I have tried a few of them, but this one really works for me.  It allows me to pinpoint what the most important tasks of the day are and then evaluate my performance.  

A stable part in my week is clarifying my weekly goals.  I do this every Sunday afternoon without fail and it allows me to start the week with real focus.  


3.     MyFitness Pal

I started using this again 3 months ago, with a lapse at Christmas of course, and I forgot the reason I ever stopped.  If you know the calories you should be taking in, for your specific goal or maintenance, then this one is for you.  Some people think this is a restrictive tool but I consider it the complete opposite.  It gives you the freedom to know how many calories you have left in your day and therefore you can look for ways to fill it.   Having that self-quantitative aspect to your life I personally find more empowering than limiting.

4.     ½ Gallon Water Bottle x 2

I’m not going to go into detail about the importance of hydration here.  However let me just reinforce how essential it is! I personally work from home currently so I only need one of these ½ gallon bottles.  However when I was working in an office I had two as they are quite anti-social to carry on the tube.  Therefore they never have to move from your desk.

Having it sitting near you is a constant mental jolt to drink water.  Simple.  Having between 1-2 of these a day should be enough for most people.  

Suggested brand: MyProtein



5.     InnaPeace Meditation

Hands down the best investment I have ever made.  Another product recommended to me by Luke Haslett.   Regulating your brainwaves can do so much for you. It certainly has for me.  I instantly had reduced anxiety, clearer focus, better moods, better sleep. The list goes on.  Go onto the website to understand further why.

I personally have the attention span of a puppy but this was so easy for me to do.  Plug in your over ear headphones and I promise after 10 minutes you will feel better.  I realise there are free apps but they simply did not work for me.  Invest in yourself.



6.     Freedom

The amount of time spent on websites that stop us being productive is obscene.  I am a number one culprit.  Facebook, Instagram, youtube….. I just can’t help myself.  Therefore I remove the temptation.

Freedom is a software that you can put on your phone, tablet and computer that enables you to block certain websites for specific periods of time.  Some of you reading this may have outstanding self-control and don’t see the purpose of this software.  At my desk, I am constantly having the battle between doing work or watching Al Pacino speeches on Youtube.  Personally, by making these procrastination sites inaccessible I am reserving my will power for more important decision making.   

The guy who invented this deserves a medal. 



I just want you to know that I am not getting paid to endorse any of these products.  I honestly believe they are all extremely beneficial and should be considered by everyone. 

Big love,