36 Months Ago at Farringdon Station



I like to take a second every now and then to look back and be grateful for where I am. This morning I pulled into Farringdon Station on route to a gym class.  I stared at the platform on the other side of the track and remembered a day some 36 months ago.

After working one month at a job in the city I stood up from my desk walked over to the CEO and asked for a word.  I handed him my notice and said “I’m sorry this is just not what I want to do.”  That evening I walked to Farringdon with fear and uncertainty in my future.  I remember standing on the platform and thinking what the fuck am I going to do with my life?

Three years down the track I realise how that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  But my god how I beat myself up for it. At the time I thought that I’d just given up too easily on a career path that was going to be financially healthy.  It was a catalyst that sent me into a downward spiral mentally for a considerable period of time. 


Trust in what makes you happy to deliver you to where you want to be. 

This is so hard, especially when you are in your early 20’s because ‘time’ is such a prominent concept in your mind.  Everyone is in such a rush to prove their self-importance.  A lot of that is down to the societal pressures placed on us.   There is such an urgency to be straight out of the block after school / university and be the first achieving in the eyes of the world. 

A part of me wished I had worked out what I wanted to do straight out of university and just be patient.  However, as my good friend Charlie Englander said to me recently, work out what you don’t want to do first.  You learn more from a mistake than anything else.

When you know you are on the right path you just know!  It is then your responsibility and perogative to remain patient and work hard at it.  Nothing ever comes easy but it is a lot easier when you actual give a fuck about what you are doing.

Focus on you and don’t let anybody or anything stop you from being the person you want to be.