2018 London Marathon! What An Event!

Sometimes I feel that we all get bogged down with all the terrible things that happen in the world.  When you turn on the news you are hit with instant updates of a bombing here, a murder there or a dictator who has done something despicable.  This is slightly controversial but I don’t even listen to the news anymore.  Not because I want to be viewed as an ignorant plonker who has no opinion on current affairs but because it actually started to have an impact on my conscious state of mind. 

Being constantly reminded of appalling behaviour from fellow humans will naturally train your mind to be overwhelmingly cautious and fearful.  Yes, I do agree it is important to not be naïve about what people have the capability of doing.  However I think after years and years of exposure to all this information gathered on a daily basis we can become fearful, bitter and passive.  Sometimes we actually need to focus on the fact that the majority of people are good natured, kind and full of love. Yesterday was a reminder of how fucking great the human race can be.


Having lived in London my whole life I shamefully had never been to watch the London Marathon.   O the day of the race I travelled around London following the race and I was completely blown away by the atmosphere.  With over 40,000 people running, the support was overwhelming.  All of these people had made a conscious decision to put themselves through something which is not easy.  Each runner was either motivated by a charitable cause, a personal challenge or both.   The amount of love that was pouring out from the other side of the railings was also so amazing to see.  There must have been ten times the amount of supporters all standing, waiting and shouting messages of love and pride to whoever it was they were waiting on. 

The atmosphere created from that was phenomenal.  At one point I saw police men and women standing there cheering on the droves of people coming into their final 600m, I found that extremely touching.  At the end of the day we are all people.  I honestly don’t think I‘ve seen such positivity on such a grand scale before. 

The look on people’s faces as they cross the finish line is one that made me so happy.  Some of these people had obviously been so focused on running this marathon for a considerable period of time.  Let me tell you something, when you’ve achieved something like that it really does change the dimensions of your mind forever.  I said it when I finished the Wadi Rum in October.  I honestly believe setting yourself a physical challenge is the best starting point for people trying to give their life some urgency. 

TB 2.jpg

Yes it’s hard work. Yes it’s shit sometimes. Yes you may have to miss a few pint sessions with your mates.  However sometimes in life you do have to sacrifice things to make yourself spring forward.  It was the look on those people’s face that reinforced that message to me. 

If you are looking to step outside your comfort zone then go and sign up for a challenge like this.  It doesn’t mean you have to sign up to a marathon.  Start at a 5k / 10k and work your way up.  The fulfilment and focus you get from completing these physical challenges is immense. 

So what do I want you to do:

1.     Go and listen to episode #20 & #21 of The Inspiration Space with Lil Misty Diaz and Scott Coey. Both stories are mind blowing and will inspire you beyond belief.

2.     Take the plunge.  Go and sign up for a physical challenge today and then focus your time and energy into it.  A great platform to do this is Let’s Do This.  It makes it easy and accessible to book the event which is best for you.

3.   Stop making excuses.  You have one life.  Do not be a person that gets to 70 and is not happy with the shift they've put in.

Huge love,